Free In-App Ad Exchange platform

Advertising your Shopify app can be an expensive undertaking - and spending money doesn’t always guarantee results.

ConnectPlus is designed for Shopify app developers to provide an effective advertising solution that won’t bust your marketing budget.

It’s an innovative banner ad exchange platform that enables you to advertise your Shopify app for FREE by promoting apps from partnering developers in return.

Why ConnectPlus?

Free Forever
It’s free to sign up and use ConnectPlus and it always will be.

We don’t need your credit card details - and no, there’s no catch!
Significantly Increase Your App Sales
It takes just a few clicks to get your app in front of more than 100K merchants with ConnectPlus.

Our extensive reach will ultimately lead to more app installs and sales for you.
Real-time Ad Tracking
You can easily monitor your ad’s performance through the ConnectPlus dashboard and see how many views and clicks your ad has received in real-time.
Benefit from Targeted Advertising
Your ad will only be displayed within apps that attract a similar audience to your own. That’s a captive market that will most likely be interested in what your app has to offer.
Split Test to Increase Conversions
With ConnectPlus, it’s simple to carry out A/B split testing and make tweaks to your ads to improve their performance. You can adjust your ad settings at any time.
A Win-Win Solution!
ConnectPlus is the only advertising platform you’ll need to promote your app to the right people (without spending a penny).

Say goodbye to Facebook and Google Ads for good.

How to Advertise Your App for Free with ConnectPlus

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