App promotion tip #1: Optimize your Shopify App Store listing

App promotion tip #1: Optimize your Shopify App Store listing

Welcome to our first article in a series here on the ConnectPlus blog that focuses on app promotion strategies for developers. This one is all about optimizing your app listing page in Shopify to make it as appealing as possible to merchants and so that it works well with the Shopify search engine.

Focus on benefit-driven listing page copy

When a merchant lands on your listing page, they’ll be looking to find out what your app does and how it can benefit them. When writing your copy, make sure to communicate the key features of your app so that readers can clearly understand what it does, along with the direct benefits a merchant will get if they install it. Use bold subheadings and bullet points where appropriate to make the text easy to read.

The layout of Shopify App Store listing pages includes three distinct boxes underneath the title where you can add a short amount of content. There you should capture the three main selling points of your app to encourage the merchant to want to learn more. Check out the Firepush app listing page as an example.

ConnecPlus - Firepush Listing page example

Use the full amount of space provided in the description field to explain what your app does. Pay particular attention to the first paragraph; this should be used wisely, as this is the section that merchants will see first. They’ll need to click on the icon “Show full description” to read the rest of your text fully.ConnectPLUS - Shopify Appstore Listing page

You could promote special offers in the first paragraph, or put together an attention-grabbing summarizer to make the merchant want to click on the icon underneath.

Add keywords to boost your SEO efforts

So that the Shopify search engine can find your app when a merchant searches for relevant terms and phrases, you should include keywords within the titles and body copy on your listing page.

This is an excellent article from the Shopify partners blog which includes a whole section on what to look out for when choosing keywords (among other tips for achieving success on the Shopify App Store).

Make use of creative elements

In the title section at the top of the page, there’s an area where you can add a promotional or explainer video. This is in a very prominent position, so you should definitely make use of it. The Shippo app is a good example to look at for this - their eye-catching video content clearly explains what the app is all about. Create graphic-based videos easily with tools like Biteable.

As well as video content, you can add images to your app listing page too. Images are useful for breaking up the text on the page and helps to keep visitors engaged. As the saying goes, an image speaks a thousand words - they’re also crucial if you want to communicate the strength of your brand.

The Tobi app uses images well. On this page, you can see that the graphics portray quite creatively what the app does, and each image is consistent in style, complementing the Tobi logo. If you’re serious about promoting your app, it’s worth investing in a professional designer who can capture the essence of your brand.ConnectPlus - SixAds Listing page

The media gallery at the bottom of the page is where you can add screenshots of your app in action. If you can show how your app drives results, include a relevant screenshot of this, as SixAds have done.

Complete the “Support” section

Merchants want to know that if they install your app, they’re going to get the help they need if they run into any problems. Give them peace of mind by completing the “Support” section of your app listing page. Include your developer website, an email address, phone number and privacy policy.

Look out for app promotion tip #2

We hope you found this article useful. We’ll be publishing the next post in this series shortly, so watch this space! Why not join our Facebook community to keep updated about new posts on our blog? We also post tips on how to get the best out of the ConnectPlus platform - our free advertising solution for Shopify Developers.

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